Temporary Fencing For Building Sites

Whether building or renovating residential properties, temporary fencing products are ideal for securing the construction site. Regardless of the site terrain, Rapid Rent a Fence can provide safe, secure and stable fencing solutions that meet the highest standards and safety guidelines for construction sites in New Zealand.

The Rapid Rent a Fence 2.1m high temporary fence panels are recommended for residential building sites, along with 25kg (non-marking) rubber blocks, known for their durability. There is also the option of adding custom branded fence wrap, enabling instant on-site brand promotion.

Additional residential temporary fencing products available include:

  • Swing Gates with Jockey Wheels for easy manoeuvrability and access.
  • Locking Collars for stability and added security.
  • Dust Protection Cloth for reducing the spread of dust particles into the surrounding area.
  • Bracing for added strength and durability, particularly in high winds.
  • Hi Viz Orange Safety Fencing (1 metre high) ideal for redirecting foot traffic.